Children’s Artwork Zippered Heart Pouch

The other day my 6 year old Eleanor drew this cute ladybird for another project.


I loved the way it had such a sweet expression and the fact that it’s legs didn’t appear attached to it’s body! There is something really special about the way children see the world and interpret it. I wanted to capture her little picture, frame it, turn it into something really special… then I had an idea! I used it to create a cute repeat pattern – and I added it to a Zippered Pouch Bag.



On the reverse I wanted to have her name – so I added embroidery to turn it into something unique that would compliment her design on the front.


I am so excited to add this new design to Dotty Owl – since working with lovely children’s drawings is so much fun! All I need is a high quality photograph or scan of a child’s drawing – or you can post me the original and I will return it with the finished order.

The picture should ideally be on a plain white background… for repeat patterns it looks best with a limited amount of colours and the simpler designs are the most effective. If you would rather not have a repeat pattern – I can add an image as it is. Just ask!


The design includes a Mother of Pearl heart button and is made up with a fusible fleece – which gives it good structure and allows it to stand up. The lining fabric matches the band at the bottom on the front and back. It contains the child’s artwork on one side and their name on the reverse. The colour scheme is best matched to the children’s picture given – but of course you can choose the colours you like for this bag. I have lots of lovely colours and styles.

I hope you like this design – Here is another version I have recently made up – from a lovely drawing by 4 year old Jacob.




If you wish to discuss a possible order – please get in touch. These bags are roughly 30cm wide x 28cm tall, depth 9cm. They are priced at £42.

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