World Book Day 2019 – You Are Awesome & The White Witch, Narnia

It’s World Book Day 2019! The girls set me a creative challenge again! I really enjoyed sewing their costumes and they were happy with the results…. phew!

‘You Are Awesome’ by Matthew Syed is a truly amazing book for children (and adults!) that I highly recommend. Full of amazing inspiration and such a brilliant way for children to gain confidence and be happy in their own skin. My 10 year old says it’s ‘the best book in the whole world!’

I had loads of fun colouring in the designs and working with all the lovely graphics in the book. I couldn’t resist adding a pocket for my daughter to keep her matching medal in!

My youngest wanted to the be White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia – a tall order since she has long dark hair and dark eyes!

The crown and wig was the hardest part of this costume and it required Christmas decoration icicles as well as 2 tiara bands and 2 balls of wool! It was lots of fun to put together even though there were times where I thought I would never be able to pull it off!

The dress was made from charity shop curtains!

I also had a challenge and my first experience of using fabric dye to dye the main dress and lace portion – it worked really well and I’m hooked! Definitely something I want to do again… really satisfying!

Now to tidy up all the mess in my sewing room!

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