Popper Charms – Bracelets

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In this section you can choose the Popper Charm Bracelets that you would like. They are sold individually as follows (please see the images below for the colour options):

Popper Charms Bracelets with Popper Charm Bow or Flower – Choice of Navy or Rose Gold £12 each (in a little gift packet)


Popper Charms Bracelets with Popper Charm Plushie (includes choice of Ruffle) – Choice of Navy or Rose Gold £16 each (in a little gift packet)

You can make your choice for a Popper Charm Bow or Flower here – alternatively your choice for a Popper Charms Plushie here.

Each Popper Charm Bracelet comes with a Popper space for you to popper your Charm or Plushie. If you choose to add a Popper Charm Plushie you will also get a choice of ruffle (included in the price) – this can be added around the outside of the Plushie, keeping it in place and the right way up. Please note that the Rosette Ruffle may be a little on the large side for the Bracelet! 

They are adjustable to fit and go from a very small wrist size up to adult. They are also elasticated for comfort. Once they are adjusted to the correct size you can stretch them over your hand to put them on. Alternatively, you can use the clip to fasten them at the desired size. Children may need some help to put the Bracelets on – but once they are in place they can change the Popper Charms around.

The Bracelets are not limited to being worn on the wrist either… they can be worn as an anklet or clipped on to bags, scooters, toys etc!

They make lovely gifts to share and you can order additional Popper Charms and Plushies individually to swap and pop to change things up a little when the mood takes you! Swap them with friends and have fun!

As with all Dotty Owl products, please ask if you have any questions. Orders are made by choosing the items you would like and using the Get in Touch form to send a message across – I will get straight back to you.

Many thanks!

Please note that all the items in the Popper Charms range are for age 3 and above – due to small parts.






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