Unicorn Cushion – Personalised

In the middle of all my orders, my 3 year old kept asking for a Unicorn Cushion. In the end, I took some time out to see if I could make it for her. This is the result!


She was very happy with it and I love unicorns too – so I really enjoyed making it for her.

The cushion features detailed embroidery as well as stitched lettering… I couldn’t resist 2 little appliqué hearts to tie the design together. On the reverse is a gorgeous unicorn and carriages fabric – a personal favourite of mine!

The cushion cover opens with a concealed zipper at the base edge and the cushion pad is made up of organic cotton fabric which is further made with cotton produced through organic farming. The pad is filled with fine quality microfibre filling which is fully washable.


These Cushions are priced at £36 + £3 postage in the UK. For orders outside the UK please ask for a postage quote.

If you are interested in these cushions and wish to discuss a possible order – email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep an eye on my website as something tells me that this gorgeous unicorn might turn up again in the near future. Particularly as my 6 year old has started asking for something matching…

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