Phew! It’s the final week of Me Made May – including several extra days taking us up to the 31st… for now I will be enjoying taking a break from having my picture taken (whilst poorly, in the rain, with goose bumps, too early in the morning etc etc) and mostly wearing ‘Ready to Wear’ 🙂  I’m sure I’ll be adding some more items very soon to Dotty Owl though – so if you’ve read my other Me Made May posts – thank you for staying with me through all these clothes and watch this space for more dressmaking and re-fashioning in the future!

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I’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks making dance costumes for the girls… They danced to ‘Love’ by Lana Del Rey and ‘Magnificent’ by Elbow for a local dance competition. They both wanted me to sew them costumes to match the ones worn in the music videos (see below) – luckily they were very pleased with the results – phew!

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ME-MADE-MAY 2017 (Week 1)

I’ve made it through week 1 of Me-Made-May! I have worn some items that I have sewn from scratch and others that I have re-fashioned. I am normally behind the camera so have had to be brave and have some pictures taken (mostly by my 6 year old hence the slight angle)… I thought about photographing the clothes on hangers – but I think you can get a better idea this way, so here goes…

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Me-Made-May 2017


I’m so excited to be taking part in Me Made May this year! I wanted to participate last year but hadn’t really sewn or re-fashioned enough garments. However, I’ve counted around 22 items in my wardrobe this time around – so I should be ok – although I may need to be inventive later in the month! Here is my pledge – it’s live – so no backing out!!


I am hoping to photograph all the items I wear so fingers crossed for weekly updates for the duration of May!

I have really enjoyed getting into dressmaking in the past year or so and I also love to purchase items from charity shops and bargain rails for the purpose of re-fashioning. So I’m really excited for the challenge… 🙂 Watch this space….. Here we go…..!

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