Another week of Me Made May – week 3! Hopefully next week will be more summery…

Day 15

Me made – Tilly & The Buttons – Agnes Top

Another Agnes top (photo taken in the rain – hence I look like I want to run inside!) I thought it would be really useful to have a plain black version… I’m wearing it with a skirt from the Joules sale (and charity shop £1 necklace). I used the previous size that I had cut out for the top (before I realised) and unfortunately it was still too wide on the shoulders. As I have washed this top it has also stretched out – making it even wider. It’s on my list to re-make in a smaller size… or I’m thinking of having a go at the popular Nettie Bodysuit by Closet Case Patterns… Hmmm, so many sewing ideas, so little time!

Day 16

Re-fashion – Charity Shop Dress

I found this dress in a charity shop in Bath. It was £3 and so comfy. I had been looking for another jersey dress and I liked the spotty fabric. In the summer I don’t want to wear a top underneath as I get too hot – but this dress had the same problem that I often get – it was too low at the front. I think it’s because I am short in the body! It’s not much of a re-fashion – but I stitched the wrap portion in place on the front. This made it wearable on it’s own… it’s great in summer and winter now!

Day 17

Me made – Bolero Cardi cut from a large size Fatface charity shop Tunic

I found a beautiful brand new Fatface tunic in the PDSA charity shop. It was a total bargain at £4! It was 5 sizes larger than the size I normally buy so I took the skirt part off and added elastic. See week 1 (day 18)….

I had a fair bit of fabric left and it was too pretty to waste. I bought a Bolero Cardi in cream from Monsoon years ago. It’s a simple yet lovely design and so I looked at some tutorials online showing ‘how to clone your clothes’. I took a paper pattern from the Monsoon Cardi and used this to draft my Fatface fabric version. There was just enough fabric – and I could utilise the sleeves from the original tunic (I had to shave off a fair bit of fabric on the sides). I lined my new Cardi with some blue jersey that I had in my stash. It’s a bright ‘Go Jetters’ blue – but luckily its not visible!

Day 18

Re-fashion – Oasis Tunic from charity shop

I found this tunic along with the pink one I wore in week 1. It was another lovely design from Oasis – brand new – and the fabric was soooo pretty! It fitted on my shoulders and waist but it was really tight across the front and back – so much so that I could only just get it on. It came with a lovely tie belt in the same fabric to match – so I unpicked half of it. The other half was still enough for a short belt. I used the unpicked fabric strip to ‘patch’ in the areas where I needed space. It was a bit like a jigsaw and required a lot of adjustments. I opened up the princess seams and slotted the fabric in. I also took up the height of the top (since the straps were too long as I’m short in the body) This made the underarms cut in – so I sliced these and re-sewed them lower down. This tunic was a lot of work – but it’s worth it – so I can enjoy wearing that lovely fabric… It tones in nicely with my Joules beads from the sale last year. Hooray for a couple of rays of sunshine!

Day 19

Re-fashion – Boden Dress – buttons added

I found this tunic at a local event for cheap Boden clothes – it was brand new and a bargain at £6! It fitted well apart from the opening at the front which was not staying in place. It’s only a minor re-fashion – but adding 3 small buttons with elastic loops made it sit much better, so now it’s wearable!

Day 20

Re-fashion – Boden Dress – total refashion from larger size

I also got this dress at the same Boden event (see above) and it was also £6. It was several sizes larger than my usual size but I loved the fabric. It was actually harder to adapt than I had thought… it had a runched bodice which had a design feature twist in the front. It was also fully lined which I wanted to retain – both these things made it more tricky!

When I cut the skirt part off I had real trouble making the bodice right. I kept cutting the sides down and trying it on. When I was happy (ish) with it I gathered up the skirt part and sewed it back on. I also had to unpick the sleeves (they were too wide). I used the Agnes sleeve pattern (Tilly & The Buttons) in my size to re-style them then insert them back into the dress. I still didn’t like the bagginess that I had where the bodice met the skirt part – so I got around this by adding a lace strip as a sort of belt with ties at the back. I’m still not really happy with the result – so may re-visit it another time… maybe a lace Peter Pan style collar…. for now a bargain bin (broken and mended) 50p Accessorise necklace will have to do!

Day 21

Me made – Zadie Dress by Tilly & The Buttons

I made this dress in a beautiful soft jersey and added a belt to pull it in at the waist. It’s so comfy to wear and I love the pockets too. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stitching some more soon…

That’s all for now… taking the pictures has been more challenging this week as several of the above are ‘pouring rain’ shots! I’m hoping it’s much warmer next week as I have some re-fashioned shorts that I am hoping to wear… fingers crossed for some lovely sunshine! Week 4 will be an extended week – to take us through to the 31st! Hopefully my remaining ‘Me Made’ and ‘Re Fashioned’ clothes will stretch that far…

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