ME-MADE-MAY 2017 (Week 2)

Hooray for week 2 of Me-Made-May! As before, I have worn some items that I have sewn from scratch and others that I have re-fashioned…. some are more refashioned than others (so not a drastic alteration) – but then, there are a lot of days in May!

Day 8

Re-fashion – M&Co Cardi, x3 hooks alteration

I bought this pretty cardi on the bargain rail in M&Co – I loved the colour and sweet pink flower sequins. Unfortunately though it had no fastenings and so it hung from my shoulders and looked ‘boxy’. I worked out the best place to bring the two sides together and attached 3 hook and eye fastenings. I had to reinforce the fabric first with a little iron on interfacing. I’m pleased with the result – it’s much more flattering and it’s so comfy to wear which is always a bonus!


Day 9

Me made – Tilly & The Buttons – Cleo Pinafore & Dungaree Dress

I was desperate to have a go at this pattern from Tilly & The Buttons when it first came out. There are so many versions on the internet – but I wanted to do something a little different with mine. I found the stars cord in Fashion Fabrics in Bath. I added this lovely embroidery detail to the pocket. I love the fact that I can wear different tops underneath so I can change it up each time I wear it. I added some length to the pattern as it was a little on the short side for me!


Day 10

Re-fashion – New Look (from Ebay) Playsuit x2 into Cold Shoulder Tunic

I found this as a playsuit second hand on Ebay (it’s from New Look) and loved the fabric. It looked like it would fit me (and I quite fancied a playsuit for the summer) and so I took a gamble for £5. I got the giggles when I tried it on as it was definitely not something wearable in public!! The ‘shorts part’ of the Playsuit didn’t exactly cover much (!) and the lower back was way too low. It was bad! But I still loved the fit everywhere else and the fabric was just so lovely….

To solve all the issues it was going to need serious alteration! I took the shorts part (!) out (sorry I’m laughing again!) and used this strip of fabric to make the back higher. I then levelled out and hemmed the bottom to give me a tunic. This was much better – and I wore it last summer.

But I recently saw a picture of me wearing it and felt it was still unflattering. I bought another one (also from Ebay) in the same size at the time. I had unpicked the whole garment to use as a pattern to make a jersey dress (coming soon!) I realised I had a portion of fabric that I didn’t need for reference so I cut it into 2 bits. I used my Bernina Ruffler (it is sooo much fun!) and created a couple of extra sleeve parts. I attached them in the style of a cold shoulder top (I have been wanting to make one for ages – hopefully I will for the summer) and I think this way it covers my arms better and looks more flattering. Hooray – I got there in the end!


Day 11

Me made – Tilly & The Buttons – Agnes Top

I loved this flamingo jersey fabric when I found it on the internet a while ago. It’s actually a really nice weight and very comfortable to wear. This Agnes top was my first one and I had an issue with the shoulders being too wide for me (now I realise that I made a size too big). I got around this by adding a casing and threading elastic through the neck to draw it back. I used left over jersey fabric from a children’s jersey dress (see week 1!) I also used this fabric to add a band at the bottom as I wanted to add more length. Next time I make an Agnes I will go a size smaller to get the shoulders right and lengthen my pattern….

The matching earrings (see close up) were made by using a scrap of the fabric (those cute flamingo faces!) and 2 buttons for covering (charity shop find – I got loads all different sizes for £1). I slotted sterling silver posts through the holes and added the earring backs. I used to make jewellery so I have all the supplies! My vintage rose necklace was a charity shop find.


Day 12

Re-fashion – Jack Wills Skater Dress into a Skirt

I have always loved the clothes in the Jack Wills shop – but not the price tags! I was so happy when I found a gorgeous Jack Wills Skater Dress in a charity shop in Bath. It had been further reduced to £3 – the fabric was beautiful and it was fully lined….

Even though it was my size on the shoulders the zip didn’t do up. So I decided to buy it anyway and adapt it (I couldn’t turn down that lovely print for £3!) I cut off the bodice part and added a waistband and a shorter concealed zip. This gave me a lovely full skirt with enough fabric offcuts to make some cute matching earrings (in the same style as above). There is still more fabric left over so I’m thinking making some hair bobbles for the girls…


Day 13

Me made – Sew Over It – Ultimate Wrap Dress

Ok, so before I talk about this one I have to admit that my sewing doesn’t always go to plan! This is a lovely pattern but unfortunately it didn’t really work out for me… it being MeMadeMay (and me not having tons of me-made clothes yet) I wore it today anyway.

Lets start with the positives! The fabric is a lovely heavy weight jersey from Fashion Fabrics in Bath. I was drawn to the great colour and thought it would be a fab choice for this pattern. I had to sew up the smallest size – to fit my shoulder width… but then the ‘wrap’ part of it barely went around me – so much so that I had to stitch it in place in order that I could wear it outside of the house!! That didn’t look great… then I had a problem with the neck. It was way too low so I have to wear a top underneath. Also it was all out of shape (since I had stitched the main part down) – so I had to add some gathering either side which created a ‘sweetheart’ neckline. This was the best I could do – but I don’t really like it! The sleeves are full length but they are too wide – so I have to wear them rolled up. The hole for the tie to pass through falls open when I tighten it and the stitches around the edges of the wrap part curl up too… I am also not sure whether the waist is in the right place for me…

I think the fabric weight could have been the wrong choice and if I made it again I would be sure to add lots more fabric in the wrap part too. Although, of course, this puts the price up a lot as a need more metres.

There are some lovely versions on the internet for this pattern that look beautiful but I think alternative styles are better suited for me! I definitely need to make some pattern alterations if I re-visit this one in the future…


Day 14

Re-fashion – FatFace Skirt alteration (smaller size) and H&M vest top strap adjustment

I found this lovely skirt on the FatFace sale rail a couple of years ago. It needed mending where the hem was unravelling so I think I paid about £8. I mended the hem but I had another issue in that it was 4 sizes larger than I would normally buy. I took a large pleat out of the back – which somehow seemed to do the trick! Its great that it was a larger size to start with as I have way more fabric this way – so a lovely full skirt for the money! I also had to adjust the vest top from H&M as it was too low. This happens a lot as I am short in the body – so a simple tuck in each strap solved the problem, hooray!


That’s all for now… you may have noticed that some things are summery and some are wintery! That’s the British weather not making up it’s mind 😉 I have my winter boots and flip flops at the ready for next week…

Stay tuned for the next batch in a weeks time! Phew – I hope I don’t run out of garments!!

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