ME-MADE-MAY 2017 (Week 1)

I’ve made it through week 1 of Me-Made-May! I have worn some items that I have sewn from scratch and others that I have re-fashioned. I am normally behind the camera so have had to be brave and have some pictures taken (mostly by my 6 year old hence the slight angle)… I thought about photographing the clothes on hangers – but I think you can get a better idea this way, so here goes…

Day 1

Me Made – Sew Over It – Heather Dress

Straight into Me-Made-May with my latest make. The fabric was from EBay and this was my first attempt at the Heather Dress. It’s a lovely pattern with jersey fabric and pockets. Note to self: I need to practice the neckband!

Day 2

Re-fashion – Skirt from a tunic

I found a beautiful brand new Fatface tunic in the PDSA charity shop. It was a total bargain at £4! It was 5 sizes larger than the size I normally buy so I took the skirt part off and added elastic. I made the top half into a bolero cardi, coming soon 😉

I did spend most of the day painting my daughters bedroom so admittedly I had to get changed for that. My hat (to save the ceiling paint from dripping on my head) was me-made if that counts?! Re-fashioned from a pair of age 5 leggings, lovely! Sadly no pictures of that 😉

Day 3

Me Made – Sew Over It – Pussybow Blouse

This black and white mini hearts fabric was a remnant from the bargain bin in Fabricland Bristol. I barely had enough so the sleeves are a little short. Also I sliced through the left sleeve while overlocking the cuffs! Oops! Managed to repair the damage as long as you don’t look too closely 😉 I added cute silver buttons to the cuffs. They are rounded and mirror like, another charity shop bargain – £1 for 10.

Day 4

Re-fashion – skirt adapted to a smaller size

When I found this skirt on the bargain rail in White Stuff I loved it! It’s super comfy to wear and just what I’d been looking for. Only trouble was it was 5 sizes bigger than what I would normally buy. I also bought another one at the time in my size and used it as a guide. Then it was just a simple overlocker job (hooray for my lovely overlocker!) The 2 vest tops (one underneath) were from Facebook buy and sell and a charity shop in Dartmouth. My necklace was a bargain in Accessorise… I think it was around £3. Sometimes they have a ‘broken items’ rail. You can get £25 necklaces for anything under £5. I used my pliers to fix the broken links.

Day 5

Me made – Tilly & The Buttons – Agnes Top, pattern hack

I love this pattern, I have made several of these tops! This one is a pattern hack – I made up my own version to give floaty sleeves. I tried lining the sleeve area and they didn’t hang so nicely so in the end I left the fabric as it was (after spending an hour with my trusty unpicker!) The jersey birds fabric was a remnant in Fabricland Bristol bargain bin for £2.50.

The matching earrings (see close up) were made by using a scrap of the fabric and 2 buttons for covering (charity shop find – I got loads all different sizes for £1!). I slotted sterling silver posts through the holes and added the earring backs. I used to make jewellery so I have all the supplies!

Day 6

Re-fashion – skirt cut from a Joules tunic

I was lucky enough to go to a Joules event a while ago with lots of reductions. Unfortunately I couldn’t try a tunic on (1 massive hall, 0 changing rooms!) – but I loved the fabric and it was £10. So I took a gamble. Unfortunately it was too tight but the lower portion was ok. I re-fashioned the bottom part into a skirt and have plans to sew something for my daughter from the other half – its way too pretty to waste.

Day 7

Re-fashion – dress from an Oasis tunic and a charity shop jersey dress (age 10)

This brand new tunic from Oasis was calling my name in the charity shop! I love the 3D appliqué roses at the neckline and lovely summery colour. When I tried it on at home though I found it was too tight across the front which meant the side zip wouldn’t close – I often have that problem with Oasis tops (if I go up a size the shoulders are too wide)… I had also bought a dress (age 10) for £1 in the charity shop as the fabric was so pretty – it happened to be the same shade of pink so I set about re-fashioning the tunic into a summer dress. I added the neckline from the jersey dress (so it wasn’t too low at the front) and used another strip of jersey to add shirring in the back. This gave it some stretch in the bodice and the zip did up, hooray! I attached more jersey fabric to the lining of the tunic to extend it to dress length.

I also made my charm style bracelet – its sterling silver with Swarovski crystals and pearls (see close up).


That’s all for now – but I’m hoping to upload the next batch in a weeks time! Phew!

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