Crayon Roll / Pencil Wrap

I love making these Crayon Rolls! They are personalised and make really lovely unique gifts.

Crayon Roll – Personalised

I make 2 versions:

  • Version 1 is shown here in penguins and polar bear fabric. It is a simple design and comes complete with 8 crayons as shown here. It has an elastic loop and button to hold it together once rolled up.
  • Version 2 is shown here in lovely deer fabric. I can make these up with standard coloured pencils or use my favourite Smencils to make them even more appealing! Smencils are scented pencils that come in their own little individual clear tubes with lids. They even have a different delicious scent – kids love them! Since Smencils are heavier I have added a flap and popper to ensure they don’t fall out.

Please be aware that the Smencils are not for under 3s.

If you wish to discuss a possible order for a Crayon Roll, please Get In Touch and let me know which version you would like – you can also choose your fabric from a huge range of options.

They are priced at £26 each – this price includes standard coloured pencils. If you would like 8 Smencils included, the price would be £36 each.

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