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Dotty Owl - Beautiful Sewn Items I’m Catherine, a mother of two young girls, from the South West of the UK. I have always been crazy about all things creative and my background has been in Photography and Graphic Design. But just recently I have began to discover my real passion for sewing. After some great feedback from gifts that I have sewn I decided it was time to get my website and online shop up and running. Dotty Owl was born! I am so excited to have turned my dream into a business. I welcome comments and feedback. If you are interested in enquiring about any of my products, please get in touch and we can discuss what you might be looking for. Many of my sewn items can be personalised to add that special touch. I hope you like my work... Thanks for visiting! Catherine


Phew! It’s the final week of Me Made May – including several extra days taking us up to the 31st… for now I will be enjoying taking a break from having my picture taken (whilst poorly, in the rain, with goose bumps, too early in the morning etc etc) and mostly wearing ‘Ready to Wear’ 🙂  I’m sure I’ll be adding some more items very soon to Dotty Owl though – so if you’ve read my other Me Made May posts – thank you for staying with me through all these clothes and watch this space for more dressmaking and re-fashioning in the future!

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