About me

Hi, welcome to my website DottyOwl.com



I’m Catherine, a mum – with a love of all things creative – from the UK. My background has been in Photography and Graphic Design. I studied Art, Media and Design at the University of the West of England where I completed a Foundation Year. I went on to get a First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design at the University of Wales, Newport.

But just recently I have began to discover my real passion for sewing.

After some great feedback from gifts that I have sewn I decided it was time to get my website up and running. Dotty Owl was born! I am so excited to be building up this Website and finally turning my dream into a business.

I love sewing so much I am always on my sewing machine! I have recently started sewing my own clothes too… so I’m learning lots of new skills. I am excited that this is something I can eventually build into Dotty Owl.

I welcome comments and feedback – I am also now on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. If you are interested in enquiring about any of my products, please message me using the form below and we can discuss what you might be looking for.

Many of my sewn items can be personalised to add that special touch.

Thanks for visiting!

Catherine x


I would love to hear from you… If you wish to discuss a possible order then please use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can – thank you!

Credit for Drawstring Backpack and Mini Messenger Bag patterns: Erin Erickson


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