Tilly & The Buttons – Embroidered Cleo Dress

As planned I am so happy to have finally made up my Tilly & The Buttons Cleo Dress with embroidery on the pocket! It was so much fun to sew up and came together very quickly. I was also impressed that it didn’t use much fabric – which was a bonus for keeping the cost down.

I added an extra couple of inches to the length of the mini version and cut a size 10. I was unsure on this style as to whether it would be flattering for me personally. I did find that it hung down from the top and didn’t give me a waistline…. however, I decided to add a little scrap of fabric to the reverse of the dress (front – under the bustline and back – in the area for the small of the back) and this gave a runched effect which was more flattering I think. Scroll down for pictures…

Overall – a lovely pattern to work with (as are all the Tilly & The Buttons patterns) I have worn it constantly and I know I will make lots more variations 🙂

I have teamed it up with my homemade Tilly & The Buttons Agnes Top


4 thoughts on “Tilly & The Buttons – Embroidered Cleo Dress”

  1. I absolutely love this and I like the elastic in the back too. I’m just sewing up my 5th Cleo dress! They are so comfortable. Please could you tell me where you got the star print fabric? Many thanks.

  2. That’s great – thank you so much. My son lives in Bristol but I haven’t been to any fabric shops there for years, but I do love an excuse to visit Bath! We live in Brixham, S Devon. Best wishes and happy sewing. x

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