Tilly & The Buttons Agnes Tops

I thought (while I am posting my Tilly & The Buttons dresses anyway) that I would do a quick post to show the Agnes Tops which I have made in the past…

My favourite is this version with the runched sleeves and lovely bird fabric. The fabric is so beautiful that I have just bought some more from America! I added 2 more lines of elastic per sleeve (either side of the original row and slightly shorter) as I prefer a softer runching. I also added some cuffs in the same fabric… I wear this version so much – and miss it when its in the wash!


This pink flamingo version was my first attempt… It was too wide for me (I have since used a smaller size of the pattern as my shoulders are narrow) I got round this problem by adding some elastic into the neckband (and this gathered the fabric up) and sewing a hemband. It’s not ideal but meant that my top was wearable – hooray! Again – it has extra elastic added to to the sleeves…


This green version was a ‘hack’ partly due to me not having much fabric but also because I liked the drape and wanted to try something softer… I think it works well. I tried to bag out the sleeves but in the end I unpicked it and left the raw cut edge. It just didn’t hang right any other way!

Scroll down for lots more pictures of all versions. I have also made a black one which I wear all the time – I am sure I will make many more – oh and a dress hack, I really want to try that… did I mention I love sewing!!




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