Tilly & the Buttons Zadie Dress


I have been so busy with Dotty Owl orders recently – I have hardly had time to sew up any clothes. So my friend’s birthday was the perfect excuse to take a couple of days off and finally have a go at making the lovely Tilly & The Buttons Zadie Dress – hooray! The good news is it worked out really well… the bad news is I had to give it away! Just before I parted with it I tried it on to get a couple of pictures. My 5 year old (bless her) was the only person available to take some shots before I had to wrap it up so I thought I would share the results. She had lots of fun but found it tricky with the weight of the camera – so there were a fair few shots of my feet and the sky too 🙂

To make up my Zadie Dress I chose a lovely jersey fabric online  – Millie Fleur Line Drawings Bluing Knit.

It’s a gorgeous fabric with a lovely Rose pattern but (after pre-washing it) it rolled up a lot and so made cutting out very tricky! It was worth the extra effort in the end though as it’s beautiful and soft to wear.


The pattern was brilliant (I have already made lots of Agnes tops so I knew it would be) and it had lots of fab pictures to help with every step of the way.

The only alteration I made was to add the belt at the end. I did this as my husband said it looked baggy at the back – and the belt solved this problem nicely. Of course it may have just been the way it was on me. Either way – it was an easy fix.

It’s straight back to orders for me but I have my Cleo pattern lined up for the next available clothes making slot – and this time I’m keeping it 😉 x

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