Drawstring Bags

I’ve been busy sewing Drawstring Bags quite a lot over the past year or so… Having recently had an order for a personalised Soldier version, I thought it was about time I added all of the ones I have made to Dotty Owl!

The Drawstring Backpack is fab as it holds so much! You can find more information and loads of lovely pictures here…

The miniature version is cute and holds little treasures, follow this link to see more…

I also make a taller version which is part of a set in my Superheroes range.

Hope you like them!

Keepsake Cushion – Precious Fabrics

Firstly – Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there!

The past few weeks I have been busy in-between orders… My mission was to design and make something totally unique and special that would incorporate roses made using the fabric from my daughter’s very first baby clothes. What better day to post it to Dotty Owl – than Mother’s Day!



I admit that I am a bit of a hoarder, so like many other mums I know – I had a cupboard full of old baby clothes that were too special to bin or sell. It’s just the fabrics that bring back lovely memories – and I didn’t want them hiding away in a cupboard anymore – so I set to work… I hope you like the result!

For more information and images follow this link

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Unicorn Cushion – Personalised

My 3 year old loves sewing and she always takes a keen interest in all my projects. She has been asking for ages for me to make her a Unicorn Cushion – so this week I was excited to take a little break from my orders and make something just for her. She is officially my youngest customer!


Hope you like the result – it features a very detailed embroidered Unicorn as well as a stitched name and little hearts. The reverse is my favourite Unicorns and Carriages fabric…

More information and pictures of the Unicorn Cushion here…

Also Rocket Cushion and Rainbow Cushion too.

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