Rocket Cape & Mask

……..Zoom to the moon!

Following a recent request for a Rocket themed Cape and Mask, I couldn’t wait to get designing and sewing!


I have added this Mask to my Fancy Mask page and there is lots more pictures and information about this Rocket Cape and Mask here.

Alternatively, make a request of your own and I can create something perfect for any little Superhero – whatever they are in to…


Hooray! I have finally listed all my Superhero costumes so far. It took a whole week to add them all to Dotty Owl – as there were even more than I thought…

From pretty pink to Spiderman, there is something for everyone. Lots of ideas for Capes, Masks, Wrist Bands, Gift sets etc. If you can’t find what you are looking for (let’s face it – they all like something different!) then get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Click here to view the Superheroes collection

Ruffled Rose Hairclips

I’ve been having some fun this Christmas making lots and lots of these Ruffled Rose Hairclips for party bag fillers. It’s been a hectic time, since my eldest turned 6 on Christmas Day!

They turned out well – so I thought I’d add some pictures here… Hope you like them.

For more information – please click here – thanks for your interest!


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Rocket Cushion – Personalised

Following my design for a Rainbow Cushion, I’ve just finished a new design for a Rocket Cushion with removable cover – which can be personalised. These are lovely for a child’s bedroom and extra special as they feature beautiful embroidery (including sparkly sequin fabric) and a child’s name. I love the bright stars fabric on the reverse too…

More information about the Rocket Cushion here…